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21 June 2015 is United Nations International Yoga Day.


It is unsurprisingly also Summer Solstice today, the longest day of the year.

What do they do in yoga first thing in the morning at sunrise? – A set of exercises called “Salutations to the Sun.”

So all over the world many people started today doing this pagan thing.

Before I was a Christian I did yoga for three years at a leading international yoga school. I was the lead student and sometimes took the class. I also studied Hinduism for 20 years. I am more than familiar with the salutations to the sun and it’s meaning. It also appears in classical Indian dance which I witnessed myself at the opening of the Department of Oriental Studies at Cambridge University in England.

New World Order, One World Religion, United Nations, promoting pagan practices… go figure, but don’t tie yourself in knots, all the answers are already written in the Bible.

Worship the Son, not the Sun, worship the maker of the Sun, the source of true light.

Black Dice “Guru” Watch Instructions – public service item

Black Dice “Guru” Watch Instructions.
Apparently these instructions are hard to get so online here is what I have worked out for myself on my own watch by reading online and playing with the watch.

To show time or date.
Press once for time.
Press twice for date.

To change display horizontal to vertical.
Press and hold until whole screen lights up.

To change message.
First press the button twice so that the date is showing then press the reset button with a point (the one that is flush with the side of the watch other side from the big button) this will allow you to enter the letters cyclically by pressing the big button. Then move to the next letter by pressing the reset button again. Don’t hang about before pressing the reset button to move between elements or normal display will resume. Press reset once last time to move or your last letter changed won’t save. Then wait for normal display to automatically resume.

To set time and date and 12/24 mode.
First press the button once so that the time is showing then press the reset button with a point (the one that is flush with the side of the watch other side from the big button) this will allow you to move through the time/date/mode elements by pressing the reset button. Don’t hang about before pressing the reset button to move between elements or normal display will resume. Change each element as you wish by repeatedly pressing the big button. Press reset once last time to move or your last element changed won’t save. Then wait for normal display to automatically resume.

I have seen a report that the strap is a bit weak. Don’t fiddle with it. Don’t over tighten it. Don’t wear it too loose so it catches.
I have seen a report that the water resistance failed easily with only a little water so I wouldn’t risk it at all.
No you can’t change the colour of the LED display. You got whichever one you got.
There are symbols as well as numbers and letters and a space in the available message font. The heart symbol is useful. Just keep pressing cyclically.
Battery life is about a year so I have read. I believe the unit takes two but cannot be sure. Battery replacement cost me £9 UKP fitted on a UK market stall in a small average town. So although I don’t know much about the battery I think they cannot be anything rare or expensive.
These watches are apparently discontinued and are considered collectably cool but are not very rare and have not gone up in value yet. Prices range from £53 to £90. UKP.Black Dice Watch

To Infinity and Beyond!

The infinite monkey theorem says that if you sit an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters, eventually one of them will type out Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”.

Now a small scale experiment – 6 Monkeys at 6 keyboards – conducted by Plymouth University, showed there were some practical difficulties involved, such as monkey urine getting in the keyboards and them breaking the kit with rocks, but eventually one of them did press the letter “S” three times.

Such silliness aside, is there any mathematical flaw in the theory. Well, whilst math may be wholly abstract and notional in the mundane pure math way this statistical theory is expressed, and so as far as it goes the theory is flawless, it is only flawless in the abstract.

As far as applying the theory as an argument for a real outcome in the non-abstract universe is concerned there is a huge flaw. For a real concrete outcome in the real universe you need infinity to be a real possibility, not an abstract concept.

Now the real universe is a closed curved spacetime that ends up back where it began. In space you go round and round the hypersphere (let’s say arbitrarily at light speed C and discount time dilation effects simply to avoid complication) as many times as you like so you have at least pseudo infinite distance, but your journey does take some time – time passes as you journey along. Clearly to go an infinite distance round and round, will take an infinite time.

Now this is the real universe. Do you have an infinte amount of time in the real universe? Remember you want to apply the thory in the real universe to get a concrete real outcome, so you have to accept the limitaions of the real universe. if you go “along” (round) the time aspect – time passing as you go along – then you end up crossing where you started – its a circle (spacetime hypersphere). Now if time started at the big bang and you cross that point on completing your first circumnavigation of the spacetime hyperphere, then you have travelled back to where you started. You have pseudo-infinite time, not truly infinite time, as you have looped back on yourself and reset the clock, and presumably the “throws of the dice” to zero. You are destined to repeat the same journey again, and all things being equal the outcome on the next loop will be the same as on the last one. Ah, but the dice are truly random you say.

Hmm. Truly random.

Exactly and precisely conforming to randomness which is carefully defined as being…? Hmm. Need I do deep philosophy here or is the obviously oxymornic character of this notion enough to say that it’s hardly surpising that in the real world we have never achieved true randomness and logic has failed to even validate it as an abstract concept due to the hopeless paradox that it poses.

So at best you have repetitious pseudo infinity and no randomness at all. Not good ingredients for translating the abstract infinite monkey theory into applied math to achieve a concrete outcome in the real universe.

No, the infinite monkey theory isn’t even valid as a statistical theory in the abstract, as one of its underpinning concepts has not even abstract validity – namely randomness, let alone its other applied shortcoming, namely the lack of infinity in the real universe. It is a non-theory that even if it was a theory could not be applied. Darwinists please note.

Just as a nice little pun for the math geeks, whilst there is an “N” in “universe”, there is no N in The Universe.



Where does that word come from then?

Online etymology says:

lamb (n.) Look up lamb at Dictionary.comOld English lamb “lamb,” from Proto-Germanic *lambaz (cognates: Old Norse, Old Frisian, Gothic lamb, Middle Dutch, Dutch lam, Middle High German lamp, German Lamm “lamb”). Common to the Germanic languages, but with no certain cognates outside them. …


Hmm… no certain cognates. Here’s a good guess where it traces back to: The ancient Hebrew letter Lam (Lamed) means a shepherd’s staff.


It doesn’t seem too far a stretch to think that the young sheep that belonged to the shepherd took the name of his symbol, and that by way of Babel this found it’s way via many places to us.

There is a brilliant website where I am learning about ancient Hebrew. Take a look at:


It’s a big ask.

In the beginning… you know how that goes.

Now let’s for the sake of exploration take a more agnostic look at the origin of everything.

In the beginning there was nothing. Truly utterly nothing, no space, no time, no dimensions, no matter, no energy, no rules or laws of physics, no logic, not even a mathematical zero.

If you do databases you might call this a “null”, which is not the same as a zero. But null is a lack of a value in a data field, and the sort of null I mean doesn’t even have a field. So let’s call it null and void. “Null and void” sounds clumsy so let’s call it the “nulliverse”.

So without rules there is nothing to say “something” (perhaps a universe) can’t just appear from this nowhere.

Without there being any time in this nowhere, if “something” is going to happen, well then it happens instantly of course.

So the nulliverse gives rise to a situation where there is an undefined chance that something will happen instantly. Let’s try to evaluate that probability. There is no reason (no, really there is no reason, “reason” doesn’t exist in the nulliverse), to suppose it is not a probability with a normal distribution, let’s say a bell curve. At one end we have no event occurs, at the other end we have 1 or more events occur. Numbers don’t exist in the nulliverse so it’s null events at one end of the curve and infinite events at the other end. Although technically today’s math cannot prove infinity (our present state of knowledge) that doesn’t matter because infinity doesn’t exist in the nulliverse so no rule or fact we have here in our universe is violated by anything in the nulliverse. In the middle of the curve is a single event, the nominal mid-point between null and infinity. Probability-wise one event is the most likely thing to happen.

So, as it is instant (no time exists), one event happens.

Bang! That was the inevitable universe happening as a consequence of the nulliverse. Very little math is required to understand it because technically math didn’t exist, so not much math was required to make it happen -<grin>.

Now for theists, this bleak nulliverse is a problem. It seems the universe didn’t need anything to happen. It didn’t need God. So the question is, was that what actually happened. It seems possible, and God is also possible. Which was it? Also, was God created at that point? Although Christians do not believe God was created, the nulliverse hypothesis allows for it. “Where did it all come from?” and “If God created everything, where did he come from?” are probably the two most profound and often-asked questions in history. The other big question that pops up when you start answering the first two is ”What is it all for – what is the meaning of life?”

These are important questions. We need to dig deeper into this nulliverse and see if this non-existent thing can be the cause. We get into some deep water here. Can a non-existent thing “cause”. Without any time? Still sure? Let’s strike out “cause”. The nulliverse hypothesis is acausal.


But wait. The nulliverse is a concept. I sat here and dreamt it up. (Actually God showed me it.) A concept cannot exist in the nulliverse. A concept cannot be a nulliverse. A concept is an idea in the mind that is a process in the brain, made of whatever matter brains are made of, whatever matter is, happening in time, all of which are properties of this universe, none of which was around to be a nulliverse. The nulliverse, blank though it may be, is a created concept. The concept’s utility – that a nulliverse can become the universe – self-destructs. So it seems that, for atheists at least, their lovely nulliverse ain’t what happened.

God, according to Christianity, was not created. He just sits there whether there is time or not. He created time and He will end it. God fits the bill for the answer we are seeking. God is not a “concept”. God is real, He “is”. He can create, He is the source of creation. He can create a concept, He can create a nulliverse that makes a universe. Or He can do it any other way He likes. What He did was far more beautiful and poetic than a nulliverse. What He did was beyond human comprehension. He spoke the universe into existence. What the universe really is, the ultimate rules that it follows, the thing that make it be, all the rules of logic and concepts, what underpins everything – the “paper” on which are “written” the rules such as 1 and 1 equals two, the reason 1 and 1 makes 2, is Him.

God told me about the nulliverse hypothesis. He then told me why it’s not enough. He pointed to the many places in the Bible where He has made this information freely available to all and He reminded me that He is always ready to answer any question, however deep or complex, mathematical or scientific, moral or spiritual. All that is required is prayer. Prayer typically requires some faith, you need to believe you are asking a God that exists, although He will also sometime answer people that don’t actually believe in Him when they are asking.

So, it was God that made the universe and God that keeps it here. From examining some deep aspects of the big questions we can conclude that God is not a concept, was not created, and is real. Just as His book says –

Colossians 1:15-20King James Version (KJV)

15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:

16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

19 For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;

20 And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.

If this makes any kind of sense to you, move on to the third question – and if you read above carefully you will see you need to rephrase that big question. It is not “What is it all for?” It is “Who is it all for?” The answer is also written above in the last three words of verse 16.

So, what are you going to do for Him today? He made you, He put you here. What are you going to do about that? What do you think He wants you to do? Say sorry for continually not being really as good as you know you should be? It’s a start. Let the hugest strongest make of the universe and everything lift your burdens, erase all shame, wipe the slate and give you a new better existence? All things are His even logic and concepts and history and reason. If He says your guilt has gone, it is so. Try and be a better person? Good move. Say thank you to Him and dedicate your life to Him? That’s the spirit! Get to know Him by reading His book and talking to Him in prayer? Live life more like it was meant to be? Have Him share a joke with you, give you gifts, make you smile, comfort you when you are down, protect you and give you eternal joy? Your life belongs to Him and you, it’s a shared experience. He knows all about it, beginning middle end new beginning and eternity. He is your maker and you are companions to each other. He knows everything about you and what you want.

I has wanted a small plant for our house. I felt that when I went to church He would find me one, although there had never been any plants sold to raise money in the church. A friend in church that Sunday, who knew nothing of my wanting a plant, suddenly said a friend had died and she had a small plant that she did not know what to do with. It went home with me in full flower.

My wife was studying fruit juices, minerals and vitamins, that kind of stuff. A couple of days later, there free of charge to take and keep, on a desk at work was a pile of books all about  fruit juices, minerals and vitamins.

I had wanted a little glass sand-filled egg-timer to decorate my desk – an “executive toy” if you will. I had been looking for one to buy. In amongst the free books was a box, also free to take and keep. In the box was a glass egg-timer. It is on my desk beside this computer now.

He knows what you want. All you have to do is ask. Ask for the little things, ask for the big things, ask the big questions, ask the important things, ask Him “What are the important things?” Ask Jesus for forgiveness, ask Jesus how to live. Ask Jesus what you can do for Him today.


IMG_20150531_155549 IMG_20150613_103130

Take a shufti.

Take a shufti.

“Shufti” is British slang, now almost forgotten by people under 50 years old. It means take a look – look at this. It comes from an Arabic word that British soldiers picked up in the markets of Afghanistan when Britain was involved in a war there – no not the recent wars – this was the First Anglo-Afghan War between the British East India Company and Afghanistan from 1839 to 1842.

If you take a look at British English you will see we have hundreds of words from all over the world in our language and slang. This is because we had a world-wide empire. Tracing the etymology (origin) of our words, through Greek, Latin, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Indian languages, Sanskrit, takes you on a journey around the world, through beautiful places, cultures and peoples. Many of the words that have travelled through cultures and survived into British English are the words for beautiful things, foods, flowers, games, music – lemons, oranges, lilac, kebabs, alfalfa, tulips, tigers, sugar, candy, carafe, coffee, bronze, paradise. Many other words refer to the human condition, words about people and their interactions – beggar, cushty (nice, pleasant), bazzar (marketplace).

What you can see in this is that we are all brothers and sisters. People we are divided from by religion and language and culture and war – these are our fellow human brothers and sisters. We have a common origin – even a silly evolutionist would probably agree about that. I am going to get a little bit political-sounding here – but I am not advocating a policy or taking sides on a political debate. I am however looking at a thorny issue and asking “What do YOU personally think Jesus would do?” and suggesting you form your own conclusion about what you think is best, for you, in the long run.

There are people that other people do not want to come and live in their lands, because the foreign newcomers will bring opposing religions and cultures, they will bring their own conflicts hatreds and wars, they will take resources, overpopulate, change the existing culture, and do terrorism. They are called economic migrants and refugees. They come in boats and over borders by any means. They will die to try. From Asia, Mexico, North Africa, the poor and oppressed come, unwelcomed, to make a new life in the lands of the rich. This is a GLOBAL phenomenon. It has always happened, but in our crowded world it is now huge. Millions are moving. Hundreds of millions want to. It’s not just happening to your country or region, it’s the world.

What are we the rich to do? I have searched my heart because I like most here in the rich world I am worried about it. Like most here if I am honest would rather these people did not come in vast numbers to settle in my homeland. I would rather they did not have to come. That strong desire to preserve and protect my worldly life here in my fortunate place of birth troubles me however, as it does not sit well with my understanding of Jesus; teaching.

Look at the life of Jesus. He was a refugee. As a baby His family fled from Herod to the land of the old oppressor, Egypt. Although we know little of His early childhood years, we know He was an immigrant kid, a Jew in a place where Jews were probably not very welcome. Later in His life he tells parables such as of the good Samaritan. The Bible is full of conversions of the bad and foolish and misled and possessed being redeemed and becoming the best of this world. The stone that the builders rejected becomes the cornerstone.

So, my stance on the issue of immigration is to ask, “What would Jesus do?”. Would He open the gates? Would He open His heart? Would He walk on the water and rescue the drowning boat children? Would He feed them? Clothe them? Welcome them? Love them? Did He not, after all He had experienced as a refugee and persecuted person say to love our enemy, love our neighbour, love those that hate you? Is not his highest command after Loving our maker to love one-another? As He was dying for us unjustly tortured and nailed naked to a cross in agony did He forgive the people who did it? Love of God and the our fellow people is His highest command, and He obeyed it come what may and to the death. His reward was our salvation and eternal life with the Father in Heaven for Him and all who will follow Him. This ultimate price faith for life deal is still on offer to all, and if you watch your news you will even know that while the deal comes with many payment options, there are Christians actually literally being crucified in our present day world.

I think there is no way out of this, we have a duty to God and our fellow humans that is higher than our fears of the consequences of the wave of human migration that is happening around the world. It will bring good and bad in great measure – wars terrorism overpopulation diseases – who knows? – but it will also bring joys and opportunities and friendships and new food music words marriages babies conversations, and conversions to Christ.

Letting people in would only hasten the inevitable, not change it. War and terrorism and all the other problems are coming anyway, welcome or not both the good and the bad people are coming in. We cannot sort the wheat from the chaff, only God can do that. The end as prophesied in Revelation is coming anyway, but remember, love knows no fear. In the ambit of immigration, know that love knows no fear. In the big picture know that love knows no fear. Fear is the weapon of the enemy. Love is the answer. So, next time you have to think about immigration for any reason whatsoever, just be a good samaritan eh? There but for the grace of God go you.

As to the long term consequences of it all, well God revealed what the end is all about to help you survive it forever, not so you could fear dying in it. Migration and refugees are symptoms of the end times, consequences not causes. As to worldly wars and natural catastrophe, if you are on His side you are on the winning side on the other side of that coin, in the spiritual world where it’s really happening, in the really big picture, in the long run (actually eternity) for your own self and those who you love (hopefully those you love includes the new friends you will be making).

Back to languages. All these lovely rich words from other languages and the foods and music and fashions we enjoy in our rich cosmopolitan world come from mixing and sharing in the diversity of cultures from around the world.

Of course the richest thing we have is the word of God, and that takes us to Hebrew. If you look at the Hebrew language and writing system, you will also see the links to many things. The word for our set of letters Alphabet comes from Hebrew. Hebrew is an amazing language, all the letters have meanings of their own which derive from little pictures that the letters are simplified forms of. They also have number values and every letter has a name. The position of the letter in the alphabet also give it further meaning. The things in the pictures represent semantic concepts (meanings – like father or beginning or breath) and words are built up from letters that contain the concepts. The first letter “A” is a picture of an Ox that gives rise to the letter “A” we still use today – turn your modern “A” upside down and you get a little icon of a triangular-headed Ox (an animal like a Bull) with horns. It’s name is Aleph. It has the first position in the alphabet, it means beginning, it means leader, it means father. A brilliant website about this topic is http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/3_al.html

Most languages’ writing systems are either iconic – the letters are pictures like in Chinese, or purely codes where each letter represents a sound you say – as in English. A few languages are conceptual like sign-languages for the deaf such as Amaslan and BSL. Chinese has quite a lot of conceptual elements in it with symbols (icons) for things also being in the symbols (icons) of things or places associated with them – for instance Shanghai which is a port city contains the symbol for boat.

What is clear from the study of languages – a subject that has utterly fascinated me all my life – I was reading large adult dictionaries of etymology at the age of 6 – is that the things in the Bible about Babel are true. This is just one tiny part of the evidence that ideas like evolution are way off, and the way the Bible explains geology, cosmology, physics, biology and human origins is true.

Christ is the answer. If you have any question or need, ask Him. Pray. Literally ask Him, then wait patiently. He will answer you when He knows you actually need the answer, not when you think you need it or want it. Do not expect the answer to be what you want to hear, it will be the truth, which in the big picture will set you free. If you ask why did you not answer my prayer for that person to live, He might remind you that there is a heaven and the person that has gone there deserves that better eternal life and that if you only realised the truth of that you would want it for that person you love and know that in time you can join them if you give your life to Christ Jesus.

Studying the Bible, just reading it is studying it (you don’t need to go looking up word origins and Hebrew all the time – it’s all there in plain text and useful stories about how to behave as well) in the context of thinking about all kinds of things about our own lives and how the people and world, and universe around us is, will guide you, help you, and take you on a lifetime journey to eternal life and paradise, with the most lovely person and best friend you could ever have at your side, Jesus Christ. If there is someone else in your life who you think would be your ideal travelling companion rather than Christ, a relative, partner or child, remember He made them for you to love, and He loves them too, and He knows you love them and He is looking after them for you as well. Never in the way you think He should, always in the way that is best, for all.

A study of hidden codes in the Bible will also reveal that book’s truth. It’s jaw-dropping stuff. Whilst there are some not-so-good books about the subject, there is one I seriously recommend – exciting, amazing, fascinating and inspiring – “Cosmic Codes – Hidden Messages from the Edge of Eternity” by Dr Chuck Missler (if you want it get it on Kindle on Amazon for quick cheap access). Chuck has a website you should look at – http://khouse.org Take a shufti.

Knuckle down

How common are vast planet-wide underground oceans?

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede has vast underground ocean

How Jupiter Moon Europa’s Underground Ocean Was Discovered

Underground ocean found on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

Ancient Mars Water May Have Flowed Underground

Earth may have underground ‘ocean’ three times that on surface

So vast planet-wide oceans are not a crazy idea – they are commonplace and seemingly occur wherever there are planets and other planet sized rocks.

The crust of our planet that everyone lives on used to slide around on the core lubricated by a layer of water in between. It was made that way as we are told.

Genesis 1:6-8
“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.”

The bible uses accurate descriptive language.
If you read it more literally in the proper translation (the original KJV) you can learn scientific facts, properly. Jesus, the author, was called Rabbi. Rabbi means teacher. Rabbi means appointed leader. Which Rabbis do you trust?

A earth was bit like the shell of an uncooked egg sliding around over a huge yolk lubricated by the white of the egg. The egg gets knocked and spins and something cracks the shell a little bit. If the egg cracks in a few places but holds together pretty much, you will get some leakage of white though the cracks and bits of the shell will collapse directly onto the yolk as the layer of white in between has escaped. Egg white covers the surface of the egg, but it drys out quickly in many places.

If this happens to a real planet with a planet-wide underground ocean the flood comes up out of the ground and the land collapses onto the lower solid part beneath the water layer as the incompressible water is forced out through the cracks. Can you imagine the force of a whole continent squeezing out a whole ocean though tiny gaps? It would be the most amazing fountain you could have. Can you imagine those fountains of the deep? Take look at a space picture of the water volcano on Europa. http://www.seasky.org/solar-system/assets/images/io03_sk12.jpg Europa’s fountain is tiny.

What kind of a mess would that make of the surface of the planet?

Geological Layers Laid Down Quickly Atop Mount St. Helens

As the surface shell collapses huge amounts of pulverised rock are dissolved into the water then settle as many layers as the different particle sizes and densities settle at different rates. Geologists call layers of rock strata. You can see 21 feet of lots of different strata at Mount St.Helens where people actually stood and watched the 21 foot set of layers form in just 24 hours. Many layers of rock formed in just a day.

The many animals killed in the flood settled according to their densities and sizes also, and ended up in the different layers. They were buried suddenly so they didn’t rot. The wet earth leeched salts and minerals into them under hight pressure of the weight and they became like stone. Geologists call these fossils. They look like they got there gradually and change according to the layers, which gave people the idea of evolution, which was wrong. Evolution happens to relatively simple things like bacteria like they get immunity to antibiotics and new variations of diseases come along, but big things like cows and elephants and us can’t do that because the intermediate steps are not viable. Occassional variations (epigenetic, teratagenetic and other mutations) to big things mostly just die so don’t get to breed and pass it on.

Before the surface layer collapsed the air was low in moisture, but as day and night temperatures varied, some water percolated up through the ground as mist which was ample to sustain life. Something about the position of the planet, the state of its magnetic field and the solar wind drove off the water from the atmosphere quickly but the daily mists replenished it constantly from the vast underground ocean.

The planet began to shift position and the stress of this caused the surface layer collapse.

Genesis 7:
11In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. 12And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.

Water welled up out of the earth.

The previously dry air became supersaturated with water and it rained as it had never previously done.

Genesis 7:
17And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lift up above the earth. 18And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark went upon the face of the waters. 19And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that wereunder the whole heaven, were covered. 20Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered. 21And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man: 22All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died. 23And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark. 24And the waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty days.

So it was bad for the things living on the planet, but it needed a good wash because all the sin was making it stinky, and there was a rescue plan which we know about in detail which worked, so a few of the important species survived, including us.

The flood was over quickly because the conditions that caused the water in the atmosphere to be taken away into space persisted long enough to dry out much of the huge flood. The planet ended up in a new stable orbit where the atmospheric drying effect no longer happened, and was left with some of the floodwater as oceans still covering about two thirds of it’s surface in the areas where the collapsed surface had fallen deepest.

With a new moist atmosphere that didn’t get evaporated into space in the new stable orbit, all sorts of things like rain and rainbows could happen for the first time, and once the crust had collapsed it couldn’t ever happen again. The big bits of crust still moved about a bit and although there was still a huge amount of water down there in pockets, the movement of these plates with no lubrication they scraped on the inner layer and heated up due to the friction, making lot of magma which some of the water down there dissolved into. The symptom of all this was the tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes we still have today.

Unfortunately the survivors have so far not all lived happily ever after, and an even worse disaster is coming.

The earth will wobble on its axis as the fabric of our four regular space-time dimensions that were stretched out will roll up like some of the the tiny other of the ten dimensions already are. It will curl into a singularity closed forever. The bible uses accurate descriptive language.

The good news is we know about this and there is a rescue plan.


  1. The Bible is true
  2. Genesis is true
  3. The flood that Noah saved us from is true
  4. Revelation is true
  5. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life

Jesus as God made the whole universe, he made you, he loves you, the earth is broken and not worth repairing because it’s in a universe that is unstable, the forces of darkness are also in this universe, so he’s going to let it collapse into a singularity taking everything in it locking the bad away forever. He knew all this from the start, but he’s doing it this way so you get a choice, so you have free will with a real soul, alive like him who made you in his image, and are not just a clockwork toy.

The end of this universe will not be nice for anyone left here, but he can save you.

He will make a new universe which is called a new heaven.
He will make a new earth.
The bible uses accurate descriptive language.

He will take you there just before this one ends

He has told you everything you need to know in his living book.

Salvation is yours if you want it but it’s not compulsory, you have to choose it. You have choose him. A simple call on Jesus by name will do, you choose to change then call him, he will do the rest. Everything he has put in his book is true, and so is that.

The bible is an interactve book – you get to choose your own ending – I recommend the living happily ever after option.


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1


I think it was Chuck Missler who said in one of his podcasts that he had failed to make sense of something he had read in the bible until he took more literally – that rather than think something didn’t make sense so it must be metaphorical not literal, it only made sense when he took it more literally. I apply Chuck’s insight and it has led me to think about some things in a way that has brought me to some interesting conclusions. I can sum this up by saying that to extract scientific knowledge from the bible you need to take it very literally.


By the way, to apply this, if like me and unlike Chuck you don’t have Greek, Hebrew, and probably Latin, you’ll need a good translation of the bible. That will be the old King James then, probably NOT something published since then (although I’ll reserve judgement on the ISV as I haven’t read it enough yet to form an opinion).


So, turning to Hebrews 11:1…


Perhaps this is something that operates through different dimensions. In the same way that there are aspects of our reality that to greater or lesser degrees exist also in dimensions we do not perceive, then maybe faith is a thing, that while similar to the word of God that creates, faith creates, not here and now but in the dimensions of the possible future. Actual real solid things and actual events, but they are over there, in one of those possible futures. Just like a meal you ate yesterday is real and a physical substantial thing, but not here now because it was eaten yesterday.


The word of God created the universe and the word is a living being and by Him it consists. Faith also creates, but it creates the things we hope for in the future and by faith they consist. So faith it is the actual physical substance of things, that we hope for. Literally as the bible says.


Do not be surprised that we humans can create in a way similar to the way God creates – we were made in His image. Faith is essential to our relationship with God as free created beings. It is the essence of free will – we can chose not to believe – and so too faith is essential to our humanity as beings that have souls. As such, at the theist/atheist level, if you are an atheist you may think you have no faith. However if so, you are wrong. Without the ability to choose, that sine qua non of your humanity we describe as faith, you could not be an atheist. So, despite the atheists’ lack faith in faith, they have no lack of faith. It’s just what (who) they have faith in, that they should re-evaluate.


The relationship of faith in Jesus is of course reciprocal. We are made in his image. Our relationship with God is like a mirror in so many ways. Jesus has faith in us. He hopes for our salvation, we are his work, his life’s work (in human terms of time) and he has literally given his life for us. His faith is the substance of our salvation, in that possible future, that we by our faith we can freely chose. In sin we are in darkness. Faith in Christ is the light that reveals the evidence that we were made better than our sin. Faith is the light of the world that we can share in, be revealed by as we truly were created to be, and be redeemed by. As such it is indeed the evidence of things unseen.



Psychologists call it authenticity crisis.You go about feeling a fraud and doubting yourself, not feeling you have really “made it”, feeling inadequate, like you are pretending to be what you are not. Is that suit and tie quite right? Do the other architects buy that brand of polo-neck? I’m a Chartered Accountant but is that the right briefcase for an accountant? Is that the right shade of lips-gloss for a lady of my position? Do the other lawyers wear Armani suits? Should a property investor like me be wearing Rolex or Breitling? No-one tells you.

Well its OK. If you’re not born again I’ll give you this one for free – You can quit whining. quit doubting. Pretty much EVERYONE who’s anyone feels like that. The secret’s out. All your peers struggle with it too.

That said, if you are born again the identity crisis – all the seeking who you really are stuff –  pretty much quit when you got born again and you already stopped worrying about it.

That’s the nice thing about being born again. You can relax and be the real you.

So now the you’ve lowered your shields, who are you? Really.

Funny thing is, as soon as you realised who the real you was, you found you knew it all along.

Smile, relax. Jesus loves the real you, and you are the real deal.

I can’t tell you who you are, but here’s a slice of my life – we might have some like in common…

Recommended reading: Cosmic Codes by Chuck Missler

Recommended listening: Mandisa – Born For This (Esther)

Recommended software: f.lux

Through a glass darkly

The theory of inflation of the universe suggests there was a fast phase shortly followed by a much slower phase. People seem to struggle with the why of that gear change from high to low, but if you think that the pure energy reached a point where it condensed into matter, then E=MC2 (its a typo I can’t do superscripts in my blogger) easily explains the sudden drop in inflationary pressure, as matter is highly condensed as compared to energy.
Note it was space and time itself that expanded – all the dimensions.
It is assumed that the expansion of dimensions was even, and as far as it goes for the dimensions we perceive that may be so, it is patently absurd if we are saying that of all the dimensions. Insofar as our four familiar dimensions are concerned they expanded to the sizes we now see, but up to 7 of the 11 dimensions are rolled up very small. They did not get rolled up, simply they never expanded to the degree that the others did, in the first place.
Having tiny dimensions is handy for explaining why C is not violated by quantum entanglement – communication via a tiny dimension is instant without violating C because the whole diameter of the universe is smaller than all the particles in it, so travel from one particle to another takes no time at all. The photon does not need to move as it fills everywhere all at once.
In the same way as there is only one electron in the tiny dimension, which projects into multiple points in our familiar dimensions, so every electron in the universe is just a protuberance of a single electron in the tiny dimension. Feynman and Wheeler are right.
This projecting into another dimension is the same geometric illusion as particle wave duality by the way – the top view of a plane slicing the tops off a wave is a “smeared” point, and this is a slice through a probability wave, so the perceived object is just the chance of it being there. Yes it does take a bit of wrapping your head around but it’s very easy to illustrate graphically and all becomes a lot easier to grasp. It’s really easy actually once you have seen it – you’d wonder what all the fuss is about particle wave duality being difficult – a child can quickly grasp it once shown the diagram.
Making a brief foray into possible experiments, a neat alternative way of detecting gravity waves by the way might be to use spaced atomic clocks. A gravity wave is a ripple in space-time, so rather than looking for spatial effects, one could look for temporal effects. Remember space is elastic and changes size (it expanded after the big bang remember?) but of course so is time, as that also is just another dimension. The only problem is devising a reference for the clocks and getting the comparison information back to look at. Quantum entanglement might provide a way to get the info back with zero lag and stretch, but that suffers from observational collapse of probability due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, so is not brilliant for conveying information. However, better understanding of particle wave duality as an intersection of a plane and a wave at nominally right-angles might lead to better understanding of probability and uncertainty,  so may provide a geometric solution to the otherwise almost uselessness of quantum entanglement as a communications mechanism.
Anyway, I digress. What of dark matter, how does all this help us explain that?
Gravity is the stretching of a dimension, a distortion of space-time caused by mass (“condensed” energy). There is no reason to suppose there is not condensed energy in the 7 dimensions we do not see – at least as much as in the 4 we do experience directly. Actually it might just be the same stuff – I mean the actual stuff – that is simultaneously and identically in our four – just maybe a bigger part of our world is actually also somewhere else. There are more dimensions hidden from us (7) than those we experience (4), so maybe there is more mass in the hidden ones than our four. Sounds even more like dark matter to me.
A few extra dimensions full of stuff and the fact that gravity is just the very leaky stretching of dimensions by stuff is all you need to explain dark matter. They are having a hard time finding it because they are looking in the wrong place. They need to look in those directions we can’t see – the “hidden” 7 dimensions.
It’s a funny coincidence that people say “seventh heaven”, but then hey, there is no such thing as coincidence eh.
Thank you Jesus for your continuing revelations about your universe that you made.