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How common are vast planet-wide underground oceans?

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede has vast underground ocean

How Jupiter Moon Europa’s Underground Ocean Was Discovered

Underground ocean found on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

Ancient Mars Water May Have Flowed Underground

Earth may have underground ‘ocean’ three times that on surface

So vast planet-wide oceans are not a crazy idea – they are commonplace and seemingly occur wherever there are planets and other planet sized rocks.

The crust of our planet that everyone lives on used to slide around on the core lubricated by a layer of water in between. It was made that way as we are told.

Genesis 1:6-8
“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.”

The bible uses accurate descriptive language.
If you read it more literally in the proper translation (the original KJV) you can learn scientific facts, properly. Jesus, the author, was called Rabbi. Rabbi means teacher. Rabbi means appointed leader. Which Rabbis do you trust?

A earth was bit like the shell of an uncooked egg sliding around over a huge yolk lubricated by the white of the egg. The egg gets knocked and spins and something cracks the shell a little bit. If the egg cracks in a few places but holds together pretty much, you will get some leakage of white though the cracks and bits of the shell will collapse directly onto the yolk as the layer of white in between has escaped. Egg white covers the surface of the egg, but it drys out quickly in many places.

If this happens to a real planet with a planet-wide underground ocean the flood comes up out of the ground and the land collapses onto the lower solid part beneath the water layer as the incompressible water is forced out through the cracks. Can you imagine the force of a whole continent squeezing out a whole ocean though tiny gaps? It would be the most amazing fountain you could have. Can you imagine those fountains of the deep? Take look at a space picture of the water volcano on Europa. Europa’s fountain is tiny.

What kind of a mess would that make of the surface of the planet?

Geological Layers Laid Down Quickly Atop Mount St. Helens

As the surface shell collapses huge amounts of pulverised rock are dissolved into the water then settle as many layers as the different particle sizes and densities settle at different rates. Geologists call layers of rock strata. You can see 21 feet of lots of different strata at Mount St.Helens where people actually stood and watched the 21 foot set of layers form in just 24 hours. Many layers of rock formed in just a day.

The many animals killed in the flood settled according to their densities and sizes also, and ended up in the different layers. They were buried suddenly so they didn’t rot. The wet earth leeched salts and minerals into them under hight pressure of the weight and they became like stone. Geologists call these fossils. They look like they got there gradually and change according to the layers, which gave people the idea of evolution, which was wrong. Evolution happens to relatively simple things like bacteria like they get immunity to antibiotics and new variations of diseases come along, but big things like cows and elephants and us can’t do that because the intermediate steps are not viable. Occassional variations (epigenetic, teratagenetic and other mutations) to big things mostly just die so don’t get to breed and pass it on.

Before the surface layer collapsed the air was low in moisture, but as day and night temperatures varied, some water percolated up through the ground as mist which was ample to sustain life. Something about the position of the planet, the state of its magnetic field and the solar wind drove off the water from the atmosphere quickly but the daily mists replenished it constantly from the vast underground ocean.

The planet began to shift position and the stress of this caused the surface layer collapse.

Genesis 7:
11In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. 12And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.

Water welled up out of the earth.

The previously dry air became supersaturated with water and it rained as it had never previously done.

Genesis 7:
17And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lift up above the earth. 18And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark went upon the face of the waters. 19And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that wereunder the whole heaven, were covered. 20Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered. 21And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man: 22All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died. 23And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark. 24And the waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty days.

So it was bad for the things living on the planet, but it needed a good wash because all the sin was making it stinky, and there was a rescue plan which we know about in detail which worked, so a few of the important species survived, including us.

The flood was over quickly because the conditions that caused the water in the atmosphere to be taken away into space persisted long enough to dry out much of the huge flood. The planet ended up in a new stable orbit where the atmospheric drying effect no longer happened, and was left with some of the floodwater as oceans still covering about two thirds of it’s surface in the areas where the collapsed surface had fallen deepest.

With a new moist atmosphere that didn’t get evaporated into space in the new stable orbit, all sorts of things like rain and rainbows could happen for the first time, and once the crust had collapsed it couldn’t ever happen again. The big bits of crust still moved about a bit and although there was still a huge amount of water down there in pockets, the movement of these plates with no lubrication they scraped on the inner layer and heated up due to the friction, making lot of magma which some of the water down there dissolved into. The symptom of all this was the tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes we still have today.

Unfortunately the survivors have so far not all lived happily ever after, and an even worse disaster is coming.

The earth will wobble on its axis as the fabric of our four regular space-time dimensions that were stretched out will roll up like some of the the tiny other of the ten dimensions already are. It will curl into a singularity closed forever. The bible uses accurate descriptive language.

The good news is we know about this and there is a rescue plan.


  1. The Bible is true
  2. Genesis is true
  3. The flood that Noah saved us from is true
  4. Revelation is true
  5. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life

Jesus as God made the whole universe, he made you, he loves you, the earth is broken and not worth repairing because it’s in a universe that is unstable, the forces of darkness are also in this universe, so he’s going to let it collapse into a singularity taking everything in it locking the bad away forever. He knew all this from the start, but he’s doing it this way so you get a choice, so you have free will with a real soul, alive like him who made you in his image, and are not just a clockwork toy.

The end of this universe will not be nice for anyone left here, but he can save you.

He will make a new universe which is called a new heaven.
He will make a new earth.
The bible uses accurate descriptive language.

He will take you there just before this one ends

He has told you everything you need to know in his living book.

Salvation is yours if you want it but it’s not compulsory, you have to choose it. You have choose him. A simple call on Jesus by name will do, you choose to change then call him, he will do the rest. Everything he has put in his book is true, and so is that.

The bible is an interactve book – you get to choose your own ending – I recommend the living happily ever after option.


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1


I think it was Chuck Missler who said in one of his podcasts that he had failed to make sense of something he had read in the bible until he took more literally – that rather than think something didn’t make sense so it must be metaphorical not literal, it only made sense when he took it more literally. I apply Chuck’s insight and it has led me to think about some things in a way that has brought me to some interesting conclusions. I can sum this up by saying that to extract scientific knowledge from the bible you need to take it very literally.


By the way, to apply this, if like me and unlike Chuck you don’t have Greek, Hebrew, and probably Latin, you’ll need a good translation of the bible. That will be the old King James then, probably NOT something published since then (although I’ll reserve judgement on the ISV as I haven’t read it enough yet to form an opinion).


So, turning to Hebrews 11:1…


Perhaps this is something that operates through different dimensions. In the same way that there are aspects of our reality that to greater or lesser degrees exist also in dimensions we do not perceive, then maybe faith is a thing, that while similar to the word of God that creates, faith creates, not here and now but in the dimensions of the possible future. Actual real solid things and actual events, but they are over there, in one of those possible futures. Just like a meal you ate yesterday is real and a physical substantial thing, but not here now because it was eaten yesterday.


The word of God created the universe and the word is a living being and by Him it consists. Faith also creates, but it creates the things we hope for in the future and by faith they consist. So faith it is the actual physical substance of things, that we hope for. Literally as the bible says.


Do not be surprised that we humans can create in a way similar to the way God creates – we were made in His image. Faith is essential to our relationship with God as free created beings. It is the essence of free will – we can chose not to believe – and so too faith is essential to our humanity as beings that have souls. As such, at the theist/atheist level, if you are an atheist you may think you have no faith. However if so, you are wrong. Without the ability to choose, that sine qua non of your humanity we describe as faith, you could not be an atheist. So, despite the atheists’ lack faith in faith, they have no lack of faith. It’s just what (who) they have faith in, that they should re-evaluate.


The relationship of faith in Jesus is of course reciprocal. We are made in his image. Our relationship with God is like a mirror in so many ways. Jesus has faith in us. He hopes for our salvation, we are his work, his life’s work (in human terms of time) and he has literally given his life for us. His faith is the substance of our salvation, in that possible future, that we by our faith we can freely chose. In sin we are in darkness. Faith in Christ is the light that reveals the evidence that we were made better than our sin. Faith is the light of the world that we can share in, be revealed by as we truly were created to be, and be redeemed by. As such it is indeed the evidence of things unseen.



Psychologists call it authenticity crisis.You go about feeling a fraud and doubting yourself, not feeling you have really “made it”, feeling inadequate, like you are pretending to be what you are not. Is that suit and tie quite right? Do the other architects buy that brand of polo-neck? I’m a Chartered Accountant but is that the right briefcase for an accountant? Is that the right shade of lips-gloss for a lady of my position? Do the other lawyers wear Armani suits? Should a property investor like me be wearing Rolex or Breitling? No-one tells you.

Well its OK. If you’re not born again I’ll give you this one for free – You can quit whining. quit doubting. Pretty much EVERYONE who’s anyone feels like that. The secret’s out. All your peers struggle with it too.

That said, if you are born again the identity crisis – all the seeking who you really are stuff –  pretty much quit when you got born again and you already stopped worrying about it.

That’s the nice thing about being born again. You can relax and be the real you.

So now the you’ve lowered your shields, who are you? Really.

Funny thing is, as soon as you realised who the real you was, you found you knew it all along.

Smile, relax. Jesus loves the real you, and you are the real deal.

I can’t tell you who you are, but here’s a slice of my life – we might have some like in common…

Recommended reading: Cosmic Codes by Chuck Missler

Recommended listening: Mandisa – Born For This (Esther)

Recommended software: f.lux

Through a glass darkly

The theory of inflation of the universe suggests there was a fast phase shortly followed by a much slower phase. People seem to struggle with the why of that gear change from high to low, but if you think that the pure energy reached a point where it condensed into matter, then E=MC2 (its a typo I can’t do superscripts in my blogger) easily explains the sudden drop in inflationary pressure, as matter is highly condensed as compared to energy.
Note it was space and time itself that expanded – all the dimensions.
It is assumed that the expansion of dimensions was even, and as far as it goes for the dimensions we perceive that may be so, it is patently absurd if we are saying that of all the dimensions. Insofar as our four familiar dimensions are concerned they expanded to the sizes we now see, but up to 7 of the 11 dimensions are rolled up very small. They did not get rolled up, simply they never expanded to the degree that the others did, in the first place.
Having tiny dimensions is handy for explaining why C is not violated by quantum entanglement – communication via a tiny dimension is instant without violating C because the whole diameter of the universe is smaller than all the particles in it, so travel from one particle to another takes no time at all. The photon does not need to move as it fills everywhere all at once.
In the same way as there is only one electron in the tiny dimension, which projects into multiple points in our familiar dimensions, so every electron in the universe is just a protuberance of a single electron in the tiny dimension. Feynman and Wheeler are right.
This projecting into another dimension is the same geometric illusion as particle wave duality by the way – the top view of a plane slicing the tops off a wave is a “smeared” point, and this is a slice through a probability wave, so the perceived object is just the chance of it being there. Yes it does take a bit of wrapping your head around but it’s very easy to illustrate graphically and all becomes a lot easier to grasp. It’s really easy actually once you have seen it – you’d wonder what all the fuss is about particle wave duality being difficult – a child can quickly grasp it once shown the diagram.
Making a brief foray into possible experiments, a neat alternative way of detecting gravity waves by the way might be to use spaced atomic clocks. A gravity wave is a ripple in space-time, so rather than looking for spatial effects, one could look for temporal effects. Remember space is elastic and changes size (it expanded after the big bang remember?) but of course so is time, as that also is just another dimension. The only problem is devising a reference for the clocks and getting the comparison information back to look at. Quantum entanglement might provide a way to get the info back with zero lag and stretch, but that suffers from observational collapse of probability due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, so is not brilliant for conveying information. However, better understanding of particle wave duality as an intersection of a plane and a wave at nominally right-angles might lead to better understanding of probability and uncertainty,  so may provide a geometric solution to the otherwise almost uselessness of quantum entanglement as a communications mechanism.
Anyway, I digress. What of dark matter, how does all this help us explain that?
Gravity is the stretching of a dimension, a distortion of space-time caused by mass (“condensed” energy). There is no reason to suppose there is not condensed energy in the 7 dimensions we do not see – at least as much as in the 4 we do experience directly. Actually it might just be the same stuff – I mean the actual stuff – that is simultaneously and identically in our four – just maybe a bigger part of our world is actually also somewhere else. There are more dimensions hidden from us (7) than those we experience (4), so maybe there is more mass in the hidden ones than our four. Sounds even more like dark matter to me.
A few extra dimensions full of stuff and the fact that gravity is just the very leaky stretching of dimensions by stuff is all you need to explain dark matter. They are having a hard time finding it because they are looking in the wrong place. They need to look in those directions we can’t see – the “hidden” 7 dimensions.
It’s a funny coincidence that people say “seventh heaven”, but then hey, there is no such thing as coincidence eh.
Thank you Jesus for your continuing revelations about your universe that you made.

Happy Christmas

I had sought peace at a time when I had felt troubled.
Here is the vision I had.
I found myself by some rocks on the slopes of a bare mountain.
On a rock sat Jesus and I sat down beside Him.
We sat in peaceful silence.
In the distance on these slopes there were people. Gradually I could see they were refugees.
We sat in silence watching this pitiful sight.
Jesus just wanted me to see He is with those rejected people because they are special to Him.
Not because they know about Him or care about Him, but because He knows and cares about them, and somehow in a way we cannot see, they will have an important role in His plan.

The prodigal son left his father and went to bad places far from his father, mingling with people who would be anethema to his father, using his gift until it was spent.
Then he returned to his father’s house where he was welcomed back and replensihed.
What tales did the prodigal son have to tell his father?
Did he tell his father that while he was away he had met people who behave badly yet had become friends with some?
Did he explain to his father that some of the people he met while he was away are not irredemable characters but they had some good in them and that their lives had brought them into great need?
Perhaps as time went by they needed hired hands.
Perhaps some of those the son had met who needed help, the son went back to bring into the service of his father’s house. To give them a new better life. Not because they had earned it or deserved it, but because the son had chosen who to make his friends and help.

Jesus left His Father’s house.
Jesus was accused of being a wine bibber and keeping bad company.
Jesus is his own man. He choses His own friends.
Jesus extends His love to those furthest from Him.
Jesus returned to His Father’s house.
His care and Grace is not reserved for believers.
His Grace is not deserved or earned.

Jesus brings hope to the hopeless. Love to the unloved. Life to the dead.
He is Hope, He is Love, He is Life.
The stone the builders reject becomes the cornerstone.
Those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last.
He is coming, quickly.

Happy Christmas!

Darkest before the dawn – a star in the east.

Why do we see a world without God – A world where belief is not the norm any more – Where Christmas comes with every bauble but no mention anymore of Christ Jesus? – because we (enough of humanity) did not honour Him.

Humanity is not (mostly) honouring Him by being alive in the life He gave us at the cost if His own. Do we all live in the freedom and love as He commanded or has humanity turned their back to Him?

Do not be surprised if Jesus is hard to see in the world, if the world is facing in the other direction. To see Him you must turn to Him.

You will not see Him fully in the world until He returns. Like Him you are not of this world, but merely in it. So do not seek Him here, for as He said before, He is in His Father’s house about His Father’s business. He is there preparing the way for our journey to meet our loving Father, while our work is here, preparing the way for His journey back, to fold up the worn out tabernacle. (Time and space will be folded up).

In the inner tabernacle was a chest and in it were laws on two stones.

The world is the worn out tent in which we live, our bodies are the inner temples, and in our chests we have our living heart, in which we know are written the laws we should keep.
There is a pattern to it.

The law chest had two stones within.
Jesus told us two laws.
Another pattern.

Do not hark back looking inward to a locked away heart of stone – it was never intended that the law should be worshipped (remember all those warnings about stone and wooden idols?) – the new covenent is what you have in your living heart. You are free from the “law” on the stones because you carry the spirit of the law in your heart. So let the light of His living love shine forth from your heart ito the world and illuminate the way that leads us to Him and Him to us. Be not of heavy heart – they are not stones you carry within (His yoke is light).

He rides on hope at the dawn of His new day lighting the world. The morning star is His sign of the dawn to come. A star in the east led worshippers to the place of His birth, and if you care to look it is there in the heavens still, foretelling His return. It is right there, oftenn to be seen rising in the east just before the Sun illuminates the world. On the very last page of the Bible, Revelation 22:16, just before the last of His words recorded in the Bible, where He says He will return quickly – in case you missed it. Jesus is the light of the world, like the Sun after venus, He will indeed come quickly.

Jesus I thank You for this. The heartbeat is a double beat to remind me of Your two great commandments every moment that I live. Amen.

Post Script – I had intended to write about Jesus’ last recorded words, but did not know until after I had written this blog that I had also included the first of His recorded words – the part from Luke where He says – probably as a young man teenager – that He is about His Father’s business in His Father’s business. I felt inspired to write this blog and had not realised until I wrote it the connection between His arrival (birth) being accompanied by a star and the last two staements by Him recorded in the Bible. To me this is one of those repeating patterns of themes and events in history that we find throughout the Bible that are the fingerprints of authentic prophesy. As always God is the most elegant and subtle of artists in everything He does.

The Carpenters Arms pub quiz.

The dimensions are at right angles to each other, and in space-time as we perceive it that usually means 90 degrees.

Thinking about dimensions other than our mundane space-time, these too are probably at right angles to us, but they are arranged for various reasons in ways that mean we cannot perceive them or easily mentally grasp how an extra few more right angles could fit into the three we can normally see.

Well if we lived in two-dimensional paper-land in a document on someone’s desk, our light would only travel and we could only see along our plane of paper, but we could not see how there was anywhere for another right angle to fit in – we could make a line parallel to the top and bottom edges of the paper, or a line parallel to the sides of the paper, but we could not easily grasp and could not at all physically see a line pointing up out of the paper (at the guy sitting at the desk reading our piece of paper world).

The guy at the desk is OUTSIDE our dimensions, on a “higher plane” and he has a “god’s eye” view of us. We cannot hide anything and he can intervene appearing as if from nowhere by jabbing his pen anywhere into our world. He can write anything. Lines he writes are solid walls to us. He can see the whole paper, go anywhere on it and do anything – and we can’t even see him except where he intersects our world – and even then we only see an edgeways partial slice of him, nothing like the reality. The office clerk is omniscient, omnipresent, and can screw up our paper world and burn it, tack more paper on, draw or erase anything. He is omnipotent.

There really are other dimensions. Our access to this universe is as limited as the people in paper-land. Look up any serious physics book or ask any sensible real university physicist. It isn’t science fiction, so get over it.

Other dimensions are mentioned in the Bible. Ephesians 3:18 mentions breadth, length, depth and height. That’s four.

Many sources both Christian (the Bible and Apocrypha) and non-Christian (science, Buddhism, Islam) say there are 10 dimensions/heavens/planes/levels. Contemporary physics science is a bit stuck on whether it’s 10 or 11 actually at the moment.

However you look at it, pretty much everyone agrees there are at least 10.
That means there is plenty of room for God to work and have all the omniscient omnipotent omnipresent triune characteristics that Christians say He has. There is nothing He cannot do, He can see all of time (it is just a dimension) and yet is outside it too. There is room for heaven and hell in those places we cannot see. Realms of angels and demons are easily accommodated in such a universe. It isn’t crazy or a fairy tale, it just seems like bizarre magic to our minds that aren’t familiar with it.

Christianity isn’t impossible hocus pocus, it’s actually the most advanced understanding of the universe given to us by its Creator. Our Creator. He gave us in the Bible just enough information that we can figure out what reality is, who He is, who we are, why we are, what we should do. He gave us only just enough because He wants us to have room to choose to believe or not believe. He gave you that freedom to choose because He loves you, because He created you.

Do you choose to recognise and accept that love?

We all want to be loved for who we really are.

The Bible says He made us in His image.

Do you think God wants to be loved in any way differently than we do? Of course not! He wants us to love Him for who He is.

Acceptance means accepting Him for who He is.

That means accepting He is the boss, the Creator, who made us for the Love of it.

By doing His will we love Him because we show we accept Him for who He is, we respect Him for his actual real self, that He is the boss, our maker, master of His universe.

To do this you need to choose to believe. You can reason, you can do science and theology and apologetics, but in the end it is a leap of faith, a choice.

He wouldn’t have it any other way because He wants you to love Him freely, by choice. To give your faith and trust to Him, as we do to any person we truly love.

You can invite Him in. Get to know Him. Love Him as He loves you. It doesn’t matter what you think you are, He knows the real you anyway, and He loves you. He just wants you where you back where belong, happy beside Him where we all were meant to be when He started this whole universe. The prodigal son in Jesus’ parable was meant to tell us that the Father’s love is stronger than any transgression or sin. We are family, we are forgiven. He’s saying come in, receive the love and eat the feast prepared for you.

I mentioned we all want to be loved for who we really are. Jesus asked the most important question in history. It was recorded by two disciples – Mark 8:29 and Matthew 16:15. Jesus asked this question:
“Who do you say that I am?”

His question is for YOU.

He told me to tell you this:
He is standing with open arms waiting for you.

High on a stone

Why beauty, wonder, awe?

Animals, as far as we know, have little or no appreciation of anything aesthetic, finding mountains, stars, storms, oceans, tigers, forests, or puppies pleasing is not really in their gift. Seemingly such feelings have scant evolutionary purpose. Perhaps an argument against evolution, perhaps not. We humans also find wonder and awe in understanding how a cell works, in how atoms and quarks work. We can be impressed and inspired by the works of other humans – bridges, dams, paintings.

Rosetta is NASA’s wonderful ambitious mission to get information from a comet. Wonderfully it worked. We have breathtaking images of a tiny little, fragile and temporary world. It was called Rosetta because the Rosetta stone was an archaeological object that helped us translate previously lost ancient languages and tell us something about the past.

NASA hopes that by understanding a stone in the sky, the comet, it may tell us about the past of the solar system. Evolutionary biologists wonder if it could tell us if chemical building blocks for life came from outer space.

Well I think it has already told us something different. I think we sent Rosetta because we are curious. I think we find the work of the people who made Rosetta brave and edifying because we can admire creators through their creation, and that what the mission found, a grey rock, beautiful not because it is pretty but because we are seeing something God made for the first time. I think we humans share a love of beauty with God because we have souls that are given us of God.

I think Rosetta is a key to understanding that we love Creation because we recognise there is a Creator, who created us in His image, and that curiosity and aesthetics are uniquely human because He made us.

I watched the moon landings, I have even done some work for NASA connected with them. Rosetta is, in my opinion, as a space nerd and child of the space age, the bravest loveliest mission since the moon. Not the most colourful or expensive, but the most ambitious and successful example of how we reach out to better know our universe, and inevitably then our Creator.

NASA did not intend any such thing, but God put that high rock there for us to one day climb, on our journey to better knowing Him.


Exploration leads us to the Creator. The crew of Apollo 8 read from Genesis on Christmas Eve 1968 as they orbited the Moon. The recognition of God such awe of being in His incredible creation brings is inescapable. We have all felt that feeling. It is God calling you. Look at a newborn baby and feel it. You are feeling what He feel as He sees that baby, that He made in His image, that through Him we make in our image.

Psalm 143:5 NIV
I meditate on all your works
and consider what your hands have done.

I had a vision of looking into Jesus’ eyes and seeing the beautiful blue of earth from space. He is the light of the world, our maker.



Movie Review – Interstellar

What’s a movie review doing on a Christian blog? Nope, I am a Christian and I write about Christianity, and other things possibly, but this isn’t a “Christian” blog just for Christians. My, and our, world and world view should not be limited to navel gazing. Sometimes we can look at movies and other things and talk about them. Cut me do I not bleed? – Aanyone who doesn’t get that reference please look it up in Shakespeare, figure out what he meant when he said it and then you’ll know why I said it, and you will have had an introduction to why Mr Shakespeare is alongside the greatest writers in all time, and I will have done my good deed for the day by maybe introducing you to a wonderful writer.

I digress. Interstellar. Good movie. Exciting. Good drama, plenty of emotion as the film critic Mark Kermode has already observed. Heavily reviewed by all the top critics already. So why am I bothering? Physics. The kind God has been tutoring me on. The sci-fi physics in this movie are in in many places in accord with what God has been leading me to grasp. Love is a force that trancends time and space. Yep. There are other dimensions and they allow strange things to happen. All of time is available from some perspectives and it doesn’t violate free will. This movie has enough in it for me to figure that whoever put those physics into the story has a handle on this. So I’m not the only one He is telling. I had no reason to think I was, but it’s real interesting to know it.

Is it a “Christian” move. No. Is there stuff in it you would say goes against what Christians know and understand. Yes. Does it even mention Christianity. No. Should it be of interest to Christians? I think so. Is it harmful to Christianity? No. Should you watch it? I think it would be entertaining and give you a very limited movie montage pop view of some of the stuff I sometime talk about in terms of physics.

Now here’s one little fun reference I don’t think other critics have noticed. The organ music chord used in the score of this movie is as far as my ear can tell the main one from “Thus Spake Zarathustra” (tone poem by Richard Strauss addressing the book of that name by the controversial philosopher Nietzsche, used in Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” A nice musical reference to Kubrick in a film that has has many. Tt is the music that in the UK was used on TV when the moon landing ocurred in 1969. It seems to be the same chord in Sean-Sans uses in the most popular movement of his Organ Symphony number 3 – hear it at .That chord seems to be well associated with outer space. It was the processional entrance of the bride music my wife and I chose for our wedding, the theme of which was space, time and the heavens.

There’s plenty n this movie, I’d say go see it.

God of the gaps

Some theists are often accused by atheists of having a God of the gaps. By this the atheists mean that as each scientific discovery explains something the theists retreat to moot God as the explanation of whatever more fundamental (precursor) part of the updated scientific theory still cannot explain.
This accusation is not of course levelled at literalist or so-called fundamentalist theists, who make no retreat at all, but sadly in the case of some Christians often fail to justify their literalism by showing that it offers a credible and scientific evidentially compatible cosmological and biological explanation.
Sceptics demand proof and wave Occam’s razor yet regardless of the fact that their alternatives are themselves but theories – mutable and forever incomplete.

Allow me to help them try complete one. God told me this stuff, and there’s plenty enough clues in the Bible to figure it all out.

You can see height, width and depth – you perceive the three standard dimensions. You also perceive the fourth – the passage of time – but you can’t look or go or point in the fifth dimension, or any of the others – there are about eleven altogether.

Wrong. Kinda.

You are in those other dimensions. IN them. Inside them. All of them, just like you are in the 3+time. Right now.
You can and do travel in them, constantly. EVERYTHING does.
You are inside the usual mundane 3+1 and THOSE ONES are BIGGER than you, about 13 billion light years radius. Yes they are curved, but don’t get sidetracked by that just yet.

The point is you can see stars a long way away – up, sideways and in front of you – because the “normal” dimensions are all a lot bigger than you and you inside them.
OK now we can do the sidetrack bit.

I said they are curved not straight. The Earth seems pretty flat and the horizon pretty straight – so much so that people once thought the Earth was flat. But we know it isn’t, and if you travel in what feels like a straight line for enough days you will go all the way round and end up back where you started. It is an imperceptible curve in a direction you are simply not perceiving very well.
Well our “normal” 3 dimensions of space are also curved in a direction you are simply don’t perceive because the curve s very, very, slight. OK so now you understand dimensions are curved – rolled up like a scroll.

The other “not normal” dimensions are rolled up really, really, tight. Their curves are extreme, not slight – dimensions 5 to 11 are tightly curved.

Our big three are “rolled up” very big wide – 13 billion light years radius. The tiny dimensions are rolled up smaller than an electron.

But we and the electron are still INSIDE the “tiny” dimensions – just like we are inside the “normal” dimensions.
We are (and the electron) are inside something smaller than us. Like a Dr Who TARDIS, kinda.
So actually we are wrapped round and round but its OK it doesn’t hurt because we are used to it ever since we existed, so we don’t even notice it. We only notice the great big “normal” dimensions.

So of course all the information (about us, and all the rest of the universe including our friend the electron) is wrapped round inside the tiny dimension. It completely spans the whole of that aspect of the universe, all at once.

Therefore information takes no time to travel across it, because it is already all over it.


That;s a lot quicker than the speed of light yeah?

That is how quantum entanglement happening instantly does not break any rules about the speed if light.

When a physicist tells you any change in an electron simultaneously affects every other electron in the universe but he doesn’t know how it can that without breaking the speed of light, that’s the how bit he doesn’t know.

When physicists declare it’s a bit strange that quantum physics stuff and classical Einstein/Newton stuff seem a bit separate and hard to reconcile and we don’t perceive quantum’s strange ways at our physical human level, that’s why it is that way.

Now here’s the neat bit.

All this means you are omnipresent. Like God.

Yep, we really are made in His image. It’s just really hard to see it from here. Ain’t that a fact.