Way out

Acts 17:28King James Version (KJV)

28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.

Psalm 27:5King James Version (KJV)

For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.

We are spiritual beings. Often said, but seldom understood. There is a widespread recognition by atheists, and even some non-atheists that we have some ineffable quality that is more than the sum of, greater than the synergy of, and not fully explicable by the deconstruction of the synthesis of, our consciousness and memory. That essence of us, each as individuals, is something outside the embodiment of self-awareness that psychology has tried to address, and more recently has tried to explain as something that can be atomised by salami slicing to death the emergent nature of consciousness back into sub-thoughts, sub-processes and self-referential internal communication. Not to say these internal dialogues and assemblages of thought do not provide the internal mirror that bounces our thoughts back and forth like the mirrors in a laser before consciousness emerges like a coherent beam, but we instinctively “know” there is more to us than that.

Who are better placed than the owners of consciousnesses with the intimate lifelong experience of being self-aware to possess the insight to realise, however dimly, that there is more to a living human being than just a dead computer looking in a mirror as it pulls itself up by its own bootstraps?

That is the recognition that we are spiritual beings – we each have a soul. It is mighty fine to say consciousness is illusory, but if there is nothing other than the so-called illusion that can be experienced, and no comprehensible and satisfying explanation of why a set of processes results in a conscious alive embodied feeling existing experience, then it I will argue that the alleged mirage that they would say is my experience of living has more reality than the intellectual desert that it graces. I would say I have empirical evidence of being it, which trumps such ephemeral theories.

So then, if the soul is not something that is explicable in the physical chemical processes model offered by neuropsychology, perhaps that is because the soul is not made of things that impinge chiefly in those mundane 4 dimensions (X, Y, Z and time) that we best perceive. Physicists would say there are more dimensions than those, and both I and the Bible (see Ephesians 3:18) agree with that. The soul is not of this “flatland” world. The thing that is really the unique living hub of each of “us” merely intersects and interacts with this world. We are truly, as they say, “in the world but not of it.” Our earthly bodies are, not what we are.

There is a gateway between these other dimensions and the ones we most easily perceive. The rolling of dimensions is referred to in the bible, physics calls it the curvature of space, the universe we are in being sort of meta-hypersphere. All that is fine, it explains quantum entanglement and lots of lovely stuff, but that’s not what I’m about today. Today’s thing is about translation. That geometric matrix of spatial coordinates manipulation that transposes like an architectural drawing presentation being redrafted from first angle into third angle.

Translating your soul so that it no longer intersects our mundane world is what going through the gateway is. The gateway is Jesus. In Him we live. Jesus is God. God is everywhere. He doesn’t need to move, to translate from intersecting to non-intersecting. Because He is there and here, He is the conduit for us to ride in and out of our set of dimensions to the others. He is the way. A way, like a highway, a road, a gate. The gate is narrow, He is the only way.

The bible is not unscientific mysticism, it is an account of truth. Truth that is very very hard to grasp even to our modern scientific minds that are just starting to see how complex and strange the universe really is, and hard to recognise because it was written in the language of people who as farmers and fishermen thousands of years ago did not have the words for physics and math and topology we have. Get past that and you can see that the supernatural is completely explicable and consistent with science. It is not magic or nonsense. Jesus said it simply and plainly. He is the way the truth and the life.

Hmm, the life. Don’t forget that bit eh? There are a lot of ways things can connect, behind the scenes. Like two points on a plain, that are really the ends of one line that curves below that plain.

When Satan comes and wants to cut you off from Jesus (oh yes, he is coming to get as many as he can), from the life of your actual soul, to bring you true death, remember, Jesus can whisk you away into Himself, BEFORE it even happened, because He is everywhere and every-when. He has told you this, in his book, how salvation works, and has given clear instructions how to get it.

Romans 10:13King James Version (KJV)

13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

My thanks to Maasbach radio for playing some very nice music as I wrote this tonight, and as I finished writing it for very appropriately reminding me, it’s a two-way street. Once you live in Jesus, He lives in you. You can then be here and not get cut off by Satan. The intersections are permanent once they are done through Jesus. Eternal death is no longer a possibility.

John 10:9King James Version (KJV)

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

A nice designer style low cost white and aluminum / aluminium Lamy ballpoint pen idea for Apple iMac owners

I collect small “designer” items like pens for my desk.

People of a certain aesthetic sensibility will appreciate the Lamy “Noto” pen in white resin with metal barrel – I think it is real aluminum (aluminium for UK readers). The body is a smooth triangular cross-section and the button is flat rounded corners cross-section in aluminium colour (I think the button part is plastic but it’s very hard to be sure because it’s so good). The clip is a cut slot so it does not protrude.

This is an elegant, very “designer” accessory that looks perfect beside the iMac keyboard. It looks so good you could forgiven for thinking it was made by Apple. I can’t help wondering if the designer was looking at her/his Mac when she or he thought up the design.

It only cost me £4.50 which I guess is about $6.00 US.

They should sell these in Apple stores but as far as I know they don’t, but I think they will be really easy to obtain at good office product retailers.

I do not work for any of the companies I have mentioned and have not been given any payment or incentive to promote their products. I am just passing on information about something I purchased that I think is a really cool thing.





Reverse Engineering

There are many UFO / Aliens sites, books and videos that claim the US government or various secret agencies and organisations are reverse engineering alien technology taken from crashed alien spacecraft or bartered or donated to use by aliens from other planets or dimensions.
I think its time to give a somewhat different than usual Christian perspective on this.
Firstly do entities or creatures from other worlds in terms of aliens as they are conventionally thought of exist, and are UFO’s their vehicles? Secondly are we getting technology from them by reverse engineering or copying it? Finally if these two things are not true, then what really might be happening that makes a lot of people believe these things?
As Christians we know that the evil one is known as a prince of the air. We also know that he works by deception, doubt, lies, and undermining us in any way he can. We know there are such things as demons, which are entities. Most Christians also think that humanity is unique and that life may even be unique to our home Earth.
Given this fairly firm underpinning of knowledge and fairly reasonable empirical theory, how should we interpret the conventional notion that there are UFOs flying around with beings from other worlds that are intelligent like us but that spontaneously become alive and evolved in the same we did but separately from us and are more advanced than us.
The evil one would like us to believe in evolution rather than creation, so getting us to believe it has happened elsewhere and indeed may be commonplace serves his purpose. He would like us to believe we are nothing special, indeed if we believe we are an inferior species that undermines us a bit and makes us feel insecure so that suits his style just dandy. If in the process he makes us think we have manipulative secret organisations in our society that are using the technology from the aliens in sinister ways and keeping secrets from us, he sows discontent and doubt and even paranoia. He can use belief in aliens in a many ways to give false fears and false hopes.
He with his demons can easily create illusions and manifestations that give rise to false sightings, unpleasent and inexplicable encounters with beings, and numerous real physical effects, all agreeable with the underpinning reality of the universe that there are indeed many dimensions and there are indeed other beings in them. Its just that these other dimensions are places God created and the beings are the angels and demons, not a bunch of aliens.
You are using a computer device of some kind right now, because you are reading this on one, or someone used one connected to a printer to make the piece of paper you are reading this on. The chips inside that computer were developed from transistors, which were developed from the discovery that a wire in contact with a crystal of semiconductor like Germanium or Silicon could be used as an amplifier and a logic gate in the same way a thermionic valve could be. Bell labs in the 1960’s did not copy an idea from aliens when they invented the transistor. They developed the ideas that started with the cats whisker crystal radios from 1906 and thermionic valves from 1904. Humanity created by God deserves the credit for the transistor, not non-existent aliens.
UFO’s and aliens are a very clever deception being used by the evil one to promote godless ideas of evolution, undermine the idea we are in any way special, make us feel inferior, instil false fears, sow mistrust amongst us, sow confusion, divide opinion, create false hopes, and distract us from the truth, which is that God is real and Jesus is our Lord and saviour.
Oh sure, UFOs and aliens are real, in the same way the evil one is real, and they really have the stamp all over them of the one that is putting them out there for us to believe in.
The only reverse engineering is the psychological engineering the evil one is using these fake aliens to do in people’s heads, turning them away from Jesus.
Now go to tune into some nice inspiring Christian radio, and be happy that God made us intelligent in His image, able to create things like transistors that we can use to glorify him and dispel the evil one’s false ideas.

Pluto’s telltale tail

Scientists have discovered that Pluto has a long tail. Actually it is the tiny planet’s atmosphere evaporating away.


Now a tiny planet with an evaporating atmosphere, well its atmosphere wouldn’t last long would it? In hardly any time at all it would be as airless as our moon. So if the planets formed billions of years ago, well there would be no tail to Pluto. If Pluto was created about 6000 years ago however, there would still be some atmosphere left to make a tail.

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years
 – Genesis 1:14 King James Version (KJV)

Signs, years. Yes Lord.

Sarcasm Irony and unwanted calls from 07973100194

This blog post is information about my experiences and opinions only, it should not be construed as advice or or as encouragement to you or anyone else to act or not act in any way.

This blog post may interest people receiving unwanted calls from 07973100194.

It is also about the differences between irony and sarcasm and how that seems to divide British and American English language.

This blog post may be more relevant to smartphones running Android. It may also be relevant to people receiving unwanted calls from the number on I-phones, Windows phones, and well as Landlines, other telephones and communication systems.

What happened:

After calling a UK mobile telephone company customer service from a smartphone about an issue affecting a different smartphone on the same network, I started receiving unwanted calls to the smartphone I had called from. The unwanted calls came from 07973100194.

What I discovered:

The unwanted calls fitted patterns described on webpage http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/07973100194

My theory, based on my experiences and my opinions, about how and why it happens:

The main pattern seems to me to be that as soon as someone calls the genuine mobile phone company, another possibly scam company starts making unwanted calls, usually pretending to be the genuine phone company. The scam company tries to get information. Obviously such information could be used for criminal purposes such as theft. The scam company seems to use several different superficially plausible stories if spoken to.

The genuine call centre I was connected to when I called the phone company customer service had people with accents that sounded to my ear like Indian accents. My opinion is that it is sometimes cheaper for companies to outsource call-centre work to India. My opinion is that the call centre I was connected to was in India. My opinion is that India and many other Asian countries that it could have been do not have the same level of regulation and enforcement relevant to preventing telephone scams that the UK does. My opinion is that there is more incentive due to poverty, and opportunity due to less regulations, for corruption and crime in these countries as compared to in the UK.

My theory is that someone with access to (and probably some software that is part of or hacks into the phone system of) the genuine phone company is collecting phone numbers that call the genuine phone company and is (probably automatically) passing them to the scam company.

My opinion is that to do this is technically trivial. I worked for several years as an Information Analyst in a call-centre, collecting and analysing data from multiple large complex telephone call-centre systems. If I had been a corrupt employee it would have have been easy for me to take vast amounts of information about every call received, including the telephone numbers, and to pass it quickly to someone else. It is unlikely that even in the fairly secure UK setting where I worked that this would have been detected quickly. I leave it to your imagination how easy it would be to do such a thing almost indefinitely without being detected (or anyone even caring over-much) if such a scenario is set in a poorer and less regulated country.

Ways I think it can be dealt with:

The best way I have found to deal with these calls on those models Android smartphones that I am familiar with is to use the AVG call-blocker facility. I have found on these models that this app picks up the unwanted call momentarily, too quickly for the call to sound the ringtone on the phone, then it quickly disconnects the call. This prevents the unwanted call disturbing me, and prevents the unwanted reaching my voicemail and leaving an unwanted message. It also notifies me with a small unobtrusive beep and logs the blocked call so I can see how often it occurs. It can also block texts from the same number if that happens. I do not use the reply to the unwanted number with a text feature in case doing so incurs me costs for sending the reply texts.

If you have a different phone applications you may have something capable of doing something similar.

Alternative tactics to employ would include reporting the number to the authorities. Given the amount of complaints I have read online about this particular number I suggest however that doing so might not always yield an instant resolution.

A divergence into Irony vs Sarcasm:

We Brits are so understated eh? As employed here it’s a form of irony. If it was sarcasm I would have said “Naturally doing so will always yield an instant resolution.” Stressing “not always” makes it irony. Reversing the “polarity” (negative or positive) of the phrase by taking out the “not,” makes it sarcasm. If you don’t understand this you may be from a country that speaks a version of English derived from British English that has become stereotypically known to the British for “not always fully appreciating” (that’s irony) the difference between irony and sarcasm. Comedy aside, although the irony/sarcasm thing has become almost a jibe (not funny any more) and frankly a nasty put-down, I would offer that American English derives from and retains grammar, forms, and even accents more akin to 15th Century British English from when it’s evolution began divergence, and the irony/sarcasm thing may easily have come from that divergence, rather than the implied slight contained in the now jibe. Personally I think British English is the poorer for losing plural pronouns. It has implications for misunderstandings in Bible study for Brits that older more traditional Americans have no such problems with.

Back to the calls, Landlines, and some final fun:

Landlines can often be provided with call screening and blocking devices, and their answering machines are often more user-controllable than mobile service providers’ voicemail systems, so protecting a landline from unwanted calls is possibly a bit easier than protecting a mobile phone.

A fun way to deal with unwanted calls might be to answer with something creative, such as “Hello. Telephone fraud investigation office.” As far as I can see if I or anyone else is taking and interest in telephone fraud, say by reading this blog post, then they might well decide to consider themselves to be an informal telephone fraud investigation office hobbyist, and so would be answering with some degree of honesty, although irony may have a role here. (Spot the nested ironicisms.)

Another fun thing to do might be to play along, and if asked for security information such as digits from PIN numbers to give false numbers. If false PIN verification details are accepted it is a strong indication that the call is coming from a criminal. That would be a fun point in the proceedings to tell them this and then to do a “telephone fraud investigation bureau” comic reveal.


Time for an update…

A month ago it was time to move on. I was thoroughly ready to change my job, so I asked Jesus to find me a job and within two minutes of my asking Him, a job I wanted to do and that for various reasons I knew I had a good chance of landing, appeared on my phone.

I applied and to cut a long story short I got the job Jesus had sent me. I handed in my notice, did a nice handover so my old employer I was left in a reasonable state to carry on without me, and I started my new job this week.

In the planned gap between jobs I took a vacation with my wife in the County of Cornwall, UK. We had lovely weather and Jesus came along as companion and guide.

I was looking for a nice hotel and He led me down a road that the sat-nav said was a dead end with nothing there. I let the Holy Spirit lead anyway. We arrived at the end of the road and there as I could not have known but fully expected was a fabulous hotel. Naturally there was a life size sheep statue at the front door. Sea view, great restaurant, giant bed.

Next stop looking for somewhere to stay He said “I will lead you by still waters.” So we arrived at a town called “Watergate.” Jesus does brilliant puns and cryptic clues. I call it “breadcrumbs” like He plays a game feeding you a little trail to follow. It’s fun. Jesus is fun. We found a superb AirBNB style designer boutique place with fabulous views of the surf beach. Hmm, surf. Where’s that still water gone? Looking out of the back window of our room… ah, a big circle pond with cattle grazing beside the still waters.

So, onwards. We next arrive at the town of Mousehole. He says “Pick up the bible, take up my cross.” Very cryptic. We find a nice BnB. Owned by an elderly lady, a relative of the famous lifeboatmen that died so heroically from that village. There are bravery award all over the walls. Up in our room I look in the wardrobe. My hand aligns on a book at the back. I draw it out. Yes, of course, it’s a bible. So where the cross? That evening, somewhat romantically, my wife and me stand looking at the full moon over the harbour. Just outside the harbour are some rocks. On the rocks is… of course, an elaborate white-painted Christian Cross.

We prepare to go home. I overhear some children talking about a fireworks display and I think sadly that we will miss it because we are leaving. He says “I’ll give you fireworks. I know the path the lighting takes.” After a whole day driving home we arrive at midnight. I have figured out what he meant. I open the drapes and we sit down on the sofa tired from our journey. On cue there is a huge peal of thunder and a bright flash of lightning. We sit together and watch the lightning storm over the cathedral we look out on from the window of our home until two in the morning.

For the big journeys and the small, at work and at play, Jesus is a great companion, guide and friend of all who will accept Him as He for who and what He is. Yes He does the heavy stuff, end times, salvation, creator and sustainer of the whole universe, but because He can do and be anything, He also can just be your great friend you love to have along. I guess that’s what people mean when they talk about having a personal relationship with Him. God loves you, He wants to be part of your life. God created life, He created YOUR life. Let Him be part of it, invite Him in. He will change you, amaze you, intrigue and inspire you, guide and help you, and He loves to take an active part in your happiness.

End Games Enlightenment

21 June 2015 is United Nations International Yoga Day.


It is unsurprisingly also Summer Solstice today, the longest day of the year.

What do they do in yoga first thing in the morning at sunrise? – A set of exercises called “Salutations to the Sun.”

So all over the world many people started today doing this pagan thing.

Before I was a Christian I did yoga for three years at a leading international yoga school. I was the lead student and sometimes took the class. I also studied Hinduism for 20 years. I am more than familiar with the salutations to the sun and it’s meaning. It also appears in classical Indian dance which I witnessed myself at the opening of the Department of Oriental Studies at Cambridge University in England.

New World Order, One World Religion, United Nations, promoting pagan practices… go figure, but don’t tie yourself in knots, all the answers are already written in the Bible.

Worship the Son, not the Sun, worship the maker of the Sun, the source of true light.

Black Dice “Guru” Watch Instructions – public service item

Black Dice “Guru” Watch Instructions.
Apparently these instructions are hard to get so online here is what I have worked out for myself on my own watch by reading online and playing with the watch.

To show time or date.
Press once for time.
Press twice for date.

To change display horizontal to vertical.
Press and hold until whole screen lights up.

To change message.
First press the button twice so that the date is showing then press the reset button with a point (the one that is flush with the side of the watch other side from the big button) this will allow you to enter the letters cyclically by pressing the big button. Then move to the next letter by pressing the reset button again. Don’t hang about before pressing the reset button to move between elements or normal display will resume. Press reset once last time to move or your last letter changed won’t save. Then wait for normal display to automatically resume.

To set time and date and 12/24 mode.
First press the button once so that the time is showing then press the reset button with a point (the one that is flush with the side of the watch other side from the big button) this will allow you to move through the time/date/mode elements by pressing the reset button. Don’t hang about before pressing the reset button to move between elements or normal display will resume. Change each element as you wish by repeatedly pressing the big button. Press reset once last time to move or your last element changed won’t save. Then wait for normal display to automatically resume.

I have seen a report that the strap is a bit weak. Don’t fiddle with it. Don’t over tighten it. Don’t wear it too loose so it catches.
I have seen a report that the water resistance failed easily with only a little water so I wouldn’t risk it at all.
No you can’t change the colour of the LED display. You got whichever one you got.
There are symbols as well as numbers and letters and a space in the available message font. The heart symbol is useful. Just keep pressing cyclically.
Battery life is about a year so I have read. I believe the unit takes two but cannot be sure. Battery replacement cost me £9 UKP fitted on a UK market stall in a small average town. So although I don’t know much about the battery I think they cannot be anything rare or expensive.
These watches are apparently discontinued and are considered collectably cool but are not very rare and have not gone up in value yet. Prices range from £53 to £90. UKP.Black Dice Watch

To Infinity and Beyond!

The infinite monkey theorem says that if you sit an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters, eventually one of them will type out Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”.

Now a small scale experiment – 6 Monkeys at 6 keyboards – conducted by Plymouth University, showed there were some practical difficulties involved, such as monkey urine getting in the keyboards and them breaking the kit with rocks, but eventually one of them did press the letter “S” three times.

Such silliness aside, is there any mathematical flaw in the theory. Well, whilst math may be wholly abstract and notional in the mundane pure math way this statistical theory is expressed, and so as far as it goes the theory is flawless, it is only flawless in the abstract.

As far as applying the theory as an argument for a real outcome in the non-abstract universe is concerned there is a huge flaw. For a real concrete outcome in the real universe you need infinity to be a real possibility, not an abstract concept.

Now the real universe is a closed curved spacetime that ends up back where it began. In space you go round and round the hypersphere (let’s say arbitrarily at light speed C and discount time dilation effects simply to avoid complication) as many times as you like so you have at least pseudo infinite distance, but your journey does take some time – time passes as you journey along. Clearly to go an infinite distance round and round, will take an infinite time.

Now this is the real universe. Do you have an infinte amount of time in the real universe? Remember you want to apply the thory in the real universe to get a concrete real outcome, so you have to accept the limitaions of the real universe. if you go “along” (round) the time aspect – time passing as you go along – then you end up crossing where you started – its a circle (spacetime hypersphere). Now if time started at the big bang and you cross that point on completing your first circumnavigation of the spacetime hyperphere, then you have travelled back to where you started. You have pseudo-infinite time, not truly infinite time, as you have looped back on yourself and reset the clock, and presumably the “throws of the dice” to zero. You are destined to repeat the same journey again, and all things being equal the outcome on the next loop will be the same as on the last one. Ah, but the dice are truly random you say.

Hmm. Truly random.

Exactly and precisely conforming to randomness which is carefully defined as being…? Hmm. Need I do deep philosophy here or is the obviously oxymornic character of this notion enough to say that it’s hardly surpising that in the real world we have never achieved true randomness and logic has failed to even validate it as an abstract concept due to the hopeless paradox that it poses.

So at best you have repetitious pseudo infinity and no randomness at all. Not good ingredients for translating the abstract infinite monkey theory into applied math to achieve a concrete outcome in the real universe.

No, the infinite monkey theory isn’t even valid as a statistical theory in the abstract, as one of its underpinning concepts has not even abstract validity – namely randomness, let alone its other applied shortcoming, namely the lack of infinity in the real universe. It is a non-theory that even if it was a theory could not be applied. Darwinists please note.

Just as a nice little pun for the math geeks, whilst there is an “N” in “universe”, there is no N in The Universe.



Where does that word come from then?

Online etymology says:

lamb (n.) Look up lamb at Dictionary.comOld English lamb “lamb,” from Proto-Germanic *lambaz (cognates: Old Norse, Old Frisian, Gothic lamb, Middle Dutch, Dutch lam, Middle High German lamp, German Lamm “lamb”). Common to the Germanic languages, but with no certain cognates outside them. …


Hmm… no certain cognates. Here’s a good guess where it traces back to: The ancient Hebrew letter Lam (Lamed) means a shepherd’s staff.


It doesn’t seem too far a stretch to think that the young sheep that belonged to the shepherd took the name of his symbol, and that by way of Babel this found it’s way via many places to us.

There is a brilliant website where I am learning about ancient Hebrew. Take a look at: